Sunday, June 26, 2011

A happy little family…

A lot of you know a little bit about me and now 
I'd like to introduce you to my happy, little family

{and show off our most recent family photo session done by my extremely talented 
photographer friend, Cindy Ford, of FORD Photography. 
You can find her here.}

First off, my husband, Joel.

How handsome is he??

Jan '04 - 7 years ago when we first got engaged.
Oh, man, I miss his hair!
{Photo by Mandy Red}

And then our wedding day…
October '04
He got contacts (though I still love those glasses on him) and cut off all his beautiful hair.
Still handsome as ever!
{Photo by Visualize Photography}

Add in a baby… or TWO…
Caitlyn Skye - Sept '07
Samuel Grant - Dec '09

And here we are today…

A white dress in the outdoors surrounded by red clay wasn't the best choice when trying to hold a dirty little boy.
Notice how I'm trying to hold him away from me?

I adore this picture! 

This will be enlarged and mounted on my wall one of these days…

True to his independent nature, Sam wants to run off and explore!
Are his feet even touching the ground here?

My pretty princess, Caitlyn. She's got a great smile and has always been my more pensive child. 

 Sam is my little momma's boy, though 'mama' is about the ONLY word he won't say!

He never met a stick he didn't like…

…and ALWAYS has a smile on his face!

Sissy love…

Not sure what Sam thought was so funny…

Tickling always does the trick for a great smile…

Though a dirty joke from my husband get's me laughing…

I just ♥ the haze…

This is what my husband calls my Blue Steel look… 

I painted my nails for the first time since I think I was in high school just for the shoot.
So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. What a beautiful family.
    All because you fell in love!

  2. GORGEOUS family, these photos are amazing!